Putting Google Maps Platform to work for transportation


Google Maps Platform provides rich support for the transportation sector. With the industry-leading base map, real-time traffic data, a unique Streetview feature, and place-finding support, Google Maps is used in a wide array of commercial and government applications. New business models in transportation are providing opportunities for growth and disruption, and Google Maps Platform can help you seize the market with its efficient, cost-saving routing capabilities. 


Join this on-demand webinar with Hexagon’s Google Maps team to learn how:

  • Google Maps APIs help drive numerous location-based capabilities for vehicle routing, fleet and asset tracking, shipping and delivery, ridesharing, and more.
  • Hexagon has integrated Google Maps Platform into its own solution to make precise oversize/overweight vehicle routing safer and easier than ever.
  • Hexagon has partnered with Google to deliver significant volume discounts, optimized usage, and an improved experience for Google Maps Platform users.


Register today for instant access and see how you can take advantage of Google Maps Platform for transportation.

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