Hexagon invests in sustainability

Hexagon's Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division is committed to caring for the environment. We have had an independent consulting firm calculate our carbon footprint (initially for our business activities in Germany), and as an initial offsetting measure, we are now contributing to a sustainable future through active nature conservation.

Future for bees

Our first measure is investing in keeping bees in harmony. We have adopted three bee colonies from beefuture for a period of three years, and we are providing financial and ideational support for beefuture's initiative to preserve biodiversity. In October 2021, the harvest of our approximately 150,000 new employees (about 50,000 bees per colony) was handed over packaged in Hexagon-labeled honey jars.

Hexagon's beehives found their ideal location near lake Ammer, southwest of Munich, in early April 2021. Beefuture is responsible for the professional care of the bee colonies and guarantees all beekeeping services, from official registration to species-appropriate overwintering.

Bees are the cornerstone of our ecosystem. More than 80% of native flowering plants depend on them for pollination, and one-third of global food production is dependent on bees and other insects. Unfortunately, the global bee population has declined by more than half since the 1950s.

Not only that, but the economic value of pollination by bees amounts to hundreds of billions of euros worldwide. Taking action to save the bees is crucial — for both environmental and business reasons.


This is only our first contribution toward protecting the environment; more significant steps will follow as part of R-evolution, Hexagon’s recently launched business venture focused on building a sustainable future. R-evolution is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexagon AB.


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