Webinar: See the Unseen: Assistive AI for Public Safety

See the Unseen: Assistive AI for Public Safety Webinar

Complex emergencies can be devastating for communities. The longer they go undetected, the greater the impact. Public safety agencies need tools to help decode complex emergencies as they unfold.

Hexagon’s new assistive, artificial intelligence (AI) tool – HxGN OnCall® Dispatch | Smart Advisor – fills operational blind spots by using AI, machine learning, and live data directly within a dispatch client. It monitors calls for service in real time to detect trends, anomalies, and similarities, and then alerts decision-makers with crucial insights. With earlier detection and action, public safety agencies can speed recovery while reducing impacts on communities, levels of service, resources, and staff well-being. And with Smart Advisor, the user is always in control, no decision or response is automated.


Watch Microsoft and Hexagon to discover how:

  • Assistive AI can help organizations connect the dots sooner and deliver better outcomes

  • Technology can decrease stress, leading to improved staff well-being and morale

  • Smart Advisor seamlessly integrates with Hexagon’s industry-leading dispatch software

Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division provides software for smart and safe cities, improving the performance, efficiency, and resilience of vital services.

Watch the webinar to learn more!


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